Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Twenty Five Ways to Annoy Your Children

I recently read a list of "Twenty Five Ways to Annoy Your Mom" at Better in Bulk. That has inspired me to give "Twenty Five Ways to Annoy Your Children" a go.

1. Walking through the house in your underwear when they have friends sleeping over.
2. Asking them to take the trash out just as they are about to win the next level in their Nintendo game.
3. Asking them when the last time that they brushed their teeth was.
4. Making them get up early on a Saturday to dig a trench in the front yard.
5. Taking them shopping for an occasion (Like a graduation) to a store where they would not be caught dead buying clothes.
6. Asking them to clean their room.
7. When they have company over, being really cheeky with their guests by asking a million questions.
8. Waking up children by hammering in the basement.
9. Acting like "Billy the Retard" in public. (And yes I know that is bad, and that "retard" is not a word we use anymore.)
10. Asking the child that has the first driver's license  to go pick up everyone all of the time.
11. Telling them to "Go out and play."
12. Cooking them a dinner that you love and they hate.
13. Making them go to a reunion.
14. Taking family photos.
15. Making them change their clothes before you take them into town.
16. Making them eat spinach.
17. Making them wash the dishes.
18. Telling them stories about "remember when" when they have hear them a thousand times before.
19. Telling them that they have to give up their bedroom when company comes over.
20. Making them listen to your music in the car.
21. Making them take back stolen signs, traffic barrels, and gnomes.
22. Buying only health food.
23. Baking desserts for other people that the children cannot eat.
24. Locking the windows when all three boys started a farting contest on the way back from the Varsity.
25. Making them spend time with us even though at times I am sure that they hated us. 

That should be a good start. Thanks for reading.



Katelyn said...

I would have welcomed spending time with my dad like you did with your kids! I'm jealous. But this list makes me laugh, because I get most of them from stories. : )

Ashley said...

#9, 13, 14, 17 (only when other people act like they don't see dishes stacking up), and 18 apply to this child. Luckily, I never had to deal with #24.

Ten Digit Creations said...

#21 - inevitable when you have son(s)

Gregory said...

Katelyn I wish I could have spent more of my time with my kids. I cherish every memory and look forward to creating more memories often.
Ashley I was going to put Cantaloupe instead of Spinach, but it just did not write as well. ;)
Amber and Kenny, you could write hilarious novel on "the boys" from your perspective.

Ashley said...

Lol, no one would understand unless they were forced feed it and cream of corn!

Gregory said...

Mmmm,cream corn. I simply love creamed corn.