Saturday, September 16, 2017

Why Slavery is Inevitable

  People's ignorance over several generations positions them to be enslaved. So, lately,  I have noticed that as a population we are becoming more ignorant, due to the fact that certain humans (the smart ones) are becoming more clever. If I were a malicious-power-hungry-person, who would want to control the masses, this is what I would possibly scheme: 
  • Use a device that is wanted in every household for entertainment and information which would also provide enormous personal gains through advertisements.
  • Connect said device to a world network of information so that people will have the illusion of being intellectual. 
  • Program the masses, knowing that people are tired and lazy, and will pick the easy road. Also, calculating that only 1% will use said information for improving their plot in life. I would figure that the rest would aimlessly "flip channels", and watch dramas that are sprinkled with agendas.
  • Use the peoples personally owned hand held devices that tracts face recognition, and GPS location of the user to squash any rebellion in the future. Do this by creating applications, which the controlled will be come addicted to. The masses need for self validation and storing memories will be used as another data source of potential groups or factions of "friends" who may need to be controlled. 
  • Do not press the issue of learning in school. Allow everyone to pass so that no one is left behind. Allow devices in school so that memorization and actual retention of knowledge is minimal. This way the masses will have to rely on the "network" for survival in about two generations. 
  • When the idiots have bred grandidiots true control can begin, as no one will have any information other that what is spoon fed through the devices and programming.
  • Use devices to replace hard copy books. Cite this as environmental progress. Therefore, again, the only information will be that which is funneled through the devices. 
  • When all the above is complete, the rulers can program people what to eat, what to purchase, where to live, who to hate, who to love, who to kill, and when to kill oneself. This will be brainwashing at its finest. 
  • The next step will be to motivate said masses to become one of the 1%, as by this point all will be living day by day (maybe hour by hour) in "modern poverty" [a subject that will have to be dealt with at a later date]. "If you do 'X', then you will get 'Y', and then you can live like 'Z'. 
  • The threat of not being technological and "with the times" will be as equivalent as Europeans with ships and guns capturing and enslaving those who did not have that technology in the past. So, one must keep up. You must have the device. You must keep the new shackles in your hands. This is the double edged sword indeed. If you don't have the device, you are clueless and in the dark. If you do have the device you are kept stupid and are being brainwashed. 
  The only way to survive the future is to remove yourself from the rat race. Completely remove yourself from the race. 
Well, that or fight. That will require thought, the ability to spell and to calculate numbers without a calculator and spell check. It will require knowledge that may have to be written down or memorized. You know, actually know shit. 

P.S. Watch this clip on education in Finland.

The history of eliminating slavery has been reactive. We are now in a position where we need to focus on being proactive. Everyone is still worrying about what happened in the past, and are clueless as to what is happening in the now. Take down all of the statues if you need to. It will not matter. Those statues remind us of the past, as maybe they should. It is a good thing that some are angry that American Civil War statues and monuments are still standing for the dead Confederates Soldiers. Maybe that is an argument to keep them up. At least some of us understand slavery and the government's money grubbing political agenda.

  Get mad. Go ahead. But if you would, please use proper grammar and complete sentences, so as not to look too Neanderthalic. 

  Have you ever ordered a piece of furniture that requires assembly lately? If you have, you know deep down inside that our species is doomed. There are no longer written instructions accompanied by a picture. No, the only writing is a few short paragraphs, separated in to three different languages, giving the new owner vague customer service data, and possibly a web site that you know will be of very little assistance.
  The whole instruction booklet is in pictagram form. I have no beef with this, other than it is proof  that we are becoming idiots. (Soon, these same instructions will not be written on cheap paper, but rather dank dark walls of a cave. (FYI,  you will have to provide your own torch to read them.)
  "A picture is worth a thousand words" they say. Well, OK, but that is pretty general language. Maybe... "A crappy picture is worth a thousand screams.",or "An inaccurate picture is worth a thousand curses." is more accurate. When I put together one of these DYI furniture deals, I put it together and take it apart three times before it is finished. To those of you who make these pamphlets of horror and may be offended, it would help to use simple phrases at least. Try using "front", or "careful", how about "bottom", and "top". Words are good. Try to draw a picture of those same words. Gotcha, dumb asses. 

Thanks for reading, now turn off your phone.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Darker Side of Medium

Or..."How to order a steak."

At times, I am quite humored by the average individual's preferences of cooked meat. At other times, I am quite maddened by it.

  Just for kicks and giggles, let us review basic steak temperature terminology.

Rare ~ The key word is "cool". The secondary key word is "red". Shave it, knock its horns off, wipe its ass, and send it out.
  It infuriates me when some numbskull orders rare and then complains that it's cold and red. This is easy; stick with me people.

Medium Rare ~ There is that tricky word "rare" again. If the word "rare" is in the description we are talking red... Got that? Medium Rare is a warm red center. Still red, but warm. I know, this is crazy-simple-stuff!

Medium ~ Think Victoria Secrets... Pink. The steak is Hot-Pink throughout. Notice that I am not referring at all to internal temperatures of said steaks, such as 125 degrees. That is another blog post for cooks. This blog is for the users. As a user you are not allowed to speak of actual degrees. That would be a violation of significant magnitude. If a server puts in for a steak to be recooked they are strictly forbidden to write an actual temperature on the ticket (ex. 135 degrees / medium). If this happens the lead cook has permission to shout obscenities, and throw plates of food against the walls. ~ It's that important.

Medium Well - there is the word medium again... So think pink... Here comes the well part... Thin line of pink. Just a smidgen, ok? Got it. Good.

Well - No red, no pink. Hot, and cooked all the way through. But note that there should still be some clear juice. A dry well done steak is a ruined piece of meat.

Having said all of that, here are some words and phrases that diners need to avoid so they will not be categorized as idiots by the cooking staff:
  •  "Medium Rare-ish"
  •  "The darker side of medium"
  •  "Medium, but no juice"
  •  "Medium plus"
  •  "Medium well plus plus"
  •  "Well with a little bit of red"
  •  "This rare steak is chilly."
  •  " Pittsburgh" (You have no idea what that means, so please just stop using this term immediately.)
  •  "Butterfly" (See the aforementioned comment about Pittsburgh.)
  •  "I am going to get sick now because blood is running out of my steak" 
  •  "This Well Done steak has no pink."
  •  "This Well Done steak is tough."
   ~ Matter of fact, according to gf, if you order a Well Done steak you relinquish all of your rights. No complaining for you. Shut it. ~

 Here are some questions my colleagues had which I had no immediate answer:

  •   Should there be a cooking guide in regards to zip code? Southern steaks vs. Northern, or East Coast vs West Coast? 
  •   Since Japanese cooking includes raw fish, is their idea of Rare rarer?
  •   Should other cities be required to have a specific cooking technique like Pittsburgh? If so, what would they be? Ex. "I would like that Seattle style please."
  • Can we have states with cooking styles? Ex. Montana Medium.
However you like your steak, please explain that to your server in detail. Most likely he/she was not paying attention during the pre-meal line up, and has no idea how anything is cooked. (They are more focused on when they are cut from the floor,  and how many silverware they will have to roll.)

  I hope this helps. 

Thanks for reading,


You just saved $7.90!

  I am pretty much done with retailers telling me how much I have saved after every purchase I make.

  I have not saved any money. Besides that, I have no validation of how these alleged savings have honestly been calculated. I just dropped $50.00 for some taco fixings and some bacon! How is that saving? Correct; it is not.

  How are these discounts generated? By the manager? Did they use dice? Did they spin a wheel ala The Price Is Right to discover the discount? Did the organic grass fed beef, that was on sale for 20% off, come about because they had an excess of cows to slaughter last week? Did the cows wander into some rag weed and taint the meat? Was the meat sitting in the store so long that it is about to turn? What have I gotten myself into here? 

  And why is Monterey Jack cheese so damn expensive? How many gallons of milk does it take to make a block of cheese? Google that for gf. I thought cheese was fairly straightforward. Put the cheese in a bucket, set it, and forget it. Not so much it seems. I can get twelve beers for one block of cheese. The beer was on sale as well! I wonder what is wrong with the beer! Maybe it is going skunky. Great, now I have spoiled meat and skunk beer for dinner. 

 Everywhere I go it would seem as though I am saving money. Gas stations, car washes, the eye glass store, on line shopping, but most of all, my wife informs me of how much money I save daily. I really should have retired ten years ago with all of the money she has saved for us. She saves money on everything. I am always reminded of how much she could have spent, had she not been so diligent and frugal. Don't get me wrong, I am well aware of the money that she could have spent, and I really don't want to test this savings error theory on her. Things could get real bad real quick. Best to leave that one alone. My bad. 

  Did we have some psychological need to be on the "inside" with retailers? You are now in our click, therefore you just saved $7.90. Ah, that does feel good. Let the dopamine flow free. I should feel liberated that I did not spend that $7.90. If you have bought into this trickery, you need to snap out of it. You did not save $7.90. No. You just lost a fifty spot, or you just swapped a fifty spot for a light grocery bag with a bit of cheese, some grass fed meat, and skunky beer. 

  And why is grass fed beef three times as expensive as grain fed beef? Once upon a time, cows ate grass. Period. They did so practically for free. People got wealthy because cows ate free grass. The cow/people ratio has shifted. We need an asteroid to hit true and square to correct this delicate balance. Then, maybe, we can have cheap grass fed beef again.

  Maybe the grocer understands these cost issues. They cannot continue to do business with a clear conscience unless they give you $7.90 in savings. Maybe they get a kickback from the grass fed cow people, or the cow people in general (dairy and beef cattle). If they give me $7.90, they must be pocketing $14.37. They are getting rich over the illusion that feeding cows grass is more costly. I swear.

  Now you will notice how many times every day you "save" cash. By the way, I saved another $.05 cents a gallon at a gas station, with a fossil logo, today. It never ends. Go now, and save your money.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

gf paints

Here are a few paintings of late. It's like my new hobby.



I have a few more in the works, but this is all for now. Let me know if I should take up knitting instead.

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