Friday, February 11, 2011

Ten Ways to Foul Up Valentine's Day.

There are lists about this very subject. I am sure of it. However, none of the lists are from gf. So, let's do this.

10. Fire your significant other the week before the event.

  9. Come home and say "So, what do ya want to do for dinner?".

  8. Eat like there is no tomorrow from Thanksgiving until the Super Bowl.

  7. Spend so much money on a haircut, flowers, chocolates, a card that you have to go to Golden Corral or Cici's Pizza for dinner.

  6. Go to a steak house and order your Filet Mignon Extra Well Done, no butterfly, because you think that there are actual butterflies involved in the process.

  5. Work all day.

  4. Forget the event altogether, then go purchase the left over flowers, discounted cards and chocolates the day after.

  3. Purchase your sweetheart a Pilate class or a gym membership for Valentine's Day.

  2. Take her to a dinner and a movie, but pick a guy flick/action movie like Iron Man.

  1. Take your sweetheart out to a swanky restaurant and forget your wallet so that she has to pay.

  I hope you have a great day with your sweetheart.

  Remember that it is not how much you spend, or where you spend it, but rather how much you really are into your sweetheart. Be sure to tell her you love her, like six times. Make that eight times for good measure. Space those out though. Call her at 10:00 am at work and tell her you love her to start things off well. That is what most people do.

  In my opinion that is what the problem is altogether. People wait until one day of the year to show their sweetheart that they love them. Fail. Show them every day, and then you will have no worries.

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Dawn Garlow said...

Good Greg!! Seems like you have finally figured it out!! ;o) Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jill! I enjoy reading your blog. You make me laugh and smile through them all! :)

Gregory said...

Why thank you Dawn! I have a faint vision of you and a classmate at a Valentine's day gala... it will come to me. Thanks for reading. Swag to come. gf

Katelyn said...

: ) You are so true! I enjoy my random phone calls with expressions of love. lol. I have one to add to the list though.

11. Plan to take your lady to a nice, romantic restaurant and not make reservations...on Valentine's Day.

Gregory said...

Yes, reservations may be a must in a real swanky restaurant. FYI randomness is my specialty. gf