Wednesday, February 23, 2011

La Famiglia, Marietta Georgia

  My wife and I generally do not plan to do anything for each other on Valentine's day. We do not think too highly of the holiday. Maybe it is the half thought-out frantic purchasing of trivial goodies that bothers us. It seems as though the majority of couples wait for one event to show love for their significant other. I had the day off before Valentine's day, so we went on our monthly shopping spree at the Wholefoods Market in Marietta. Since it was early in the evening, we decided to eat at the Marietta Square. It is never a good idea to go to Wholefoods Market on an empty stomach. Since my wife would not be expecting anything for Valentine's day, I used it as my opportunity to be tricky. I had cleverly hidden a card and a chocolate bar as a special treat for my Valentine. Hopefully, La Famiglia Italian Restaurant would not let me down.

  My instinctive animal-like timing was impeccable as usual. We were among the first guests seated for what was to be a busy dinner service. We were greeted immediately and courteously. The tables were set with a festive red and white "Valentinish" theme. There was local artwork on the walls although it did not necessarily match the Italian decor. However, one might be a nice addition in your sun room or kitchen. A simple change of placement of the picture closest to us would have been a no-brainer. It could have covered the cracked and poorly painted electrical panel that butted into our table. Maybe I have just been "over Sunflowered" here of late. Clear, Italian-looking light bulbs were strung though the dining room. I was conflicted by the lights. I think they would have been more aesthetic if they were the only lights that were seen. The big square florescent lights with square diffusers took away from the whole Italian string light deal.

  The menu screamed 1963. One thing that put me off was the "Keep your kid in their chair, and keep them quiet." prologue as you opened the menu. It really astonished me. It was a half a page of ranting of how the owners raised their kids so that they behaved in public. Therefore, we should all follow suit, or just go away. La Famiglia you should just take that out of your menu. If you cannot bear the thought of a kid being a kid in your restaurant, just add twenty dollars to every entrée. That should do the trick. You may go broke, but you will not have to worry about kids anymore. But wait, what does "La Famiglia" mean? Oh yeah, Family. For a minute I thought it meant "Sit down and be quiet" (siediti e stai zitto). Other than that, it was a standard Italian menu. The server came and took our drink and appetizer order. He told us of the specials of the night. The first special was a fish special (I never like the sound of that), and a Squash Ravioli. I chose the Squash Ravioli, and my bride chose sauteed eggplant with sun-dried tomatoes in a red sauce with penne.

  The food was the star of the show. My ravioli dish was the three-point-at-the-buzzer money shot. Awesome. My wife said that the red sauce was spicy, but that just means that it was a good red sauce. The salad and bread that came with the meal was fresh and delicious. While enjoying the house wine, my wife was surprised by my touching Valentine and her Chai organic chocolate bar.

  We had our mouths set for dessert, especially Cannolis. The waiter brought the dessert menu. There it was, another menu challenge in front of us again. The dessert menu was old and tattered, and did not have Cannolis on it. No Cannolis. Fail. We settled for Limoncello and expresso gelatos with coffee. The desserts were excellent as was the coffee. Excellent Job. We conquered our Cannoli  cravings by purchasing the ingredients and making them the next day. Yummidge.

  Our server Yanni was attentive and pleasant, and we lacked for nothing. Overall we had a great time. The food was excellent. Hats off to the Chef and kitchen staff. 

  I will start ranking these blogs with the whole five star standard. However, I will not use stars. In this case I will use Cannolis.

 La Famiglia of Marietta Georgia I give thee four Cannolis.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a decent Italian restaurant apart from the contradicting name, out of place lighting, and old menu. How were the prices?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and i like the new violation shirt but i think it lacks a graphic on the front.

I feel like your shirt will gain credibility with violators and non-violators alike if it offered a proper hand washing procedure chart.


It could be positioned on the upper right chest region.

How can one put violations to an end without an alternative to violating? This is a violation within itself.

"Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for life."

Gregory said...

My apologies for not mentioning the prices. With Valentine's Day looming before me, price was of no importance..**coff**. The prices were moderate; they were from $11 to $25 a plate. :P

Gregory said...

That is an excellent idea on the T-Shirt. Where are my elves?

Rizza said...

I live in apartments in Marietta and I have been searching for good Italian food in this neighborhood ever since I've moved in. Thank you for sharing!

Rizza said...

I live in apartments in Marietta and I have been searching for good Italian food in this neighborhood ever since I've moved in. Thank you for sharing!