These are the instructions. They are written in English, but they translate well into any language.

1. Read the latest blog.

2-a  Make a comment about the blog. I would really want to know you honest thoughts.

2-b  Make a comment about someone's comment about the blog. They may not want to know your thoughts so much, but this is fun.

3.  Join the blog. You have now been dipped in gf. Waller around in it for a bit.

4.  Check out all of the polls and clicky things on the side. Some are hipper than others, but they are all good. Some make me money. Click on those twice. I have made $3.68 so far.

5.  Scroll down and check out older blogs. This is called research.

6.  Come back often. This is called homework.

7.  Tell a friend, share the link. I used to seek world domination, but the world is too messed up now. Just share the link and warn a friend of impending doom.


Ashley said...

You're funny.

Gregory B. said...


Anonymous said...

You KNOW how I like to follow instructions!

Gregory said...

Your sarcasm may betray you princess. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Just wallering around in the comment section...... Waller, Waller!