Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cats Need Umpires

  My cats play like they are fighting. Are they playing? No. Wait, maybe. Nope, that is a fight. Definitely a tail-wagging hissing spitting fight. It started out so innocently to end up like this.

  Cat umpires may or may not be the solution. It just depends on what kind of world you want to live in... according to gf.

  Thinking about the cats, I realized that dogs are in the same situation. Most animals would seem to need umpires on the surface. How have they survived without umpires? No umpires, no bosses, no governors, no presidents preside in the animal kingdom. Sheer anarchy has taken over. But even in this animal anarchy there is order, hissing yes, but order. 

  Are animals more civilized that humans? Plenty of animals get along with each other. There is not perfect peace, but there is peace. Many animals get devoured by others, but in the long run, everything is right as rain. 
 Maybe humans have too many umpires. What if we could hiss and spit without an umpire butting in? Many who need this aggression are not receiving it, and therefore they live with a false sense of strength and worth. Those who feel strongly about hissing and spitting have to hold it in causing anxiety, frustration, and heart palpitations. A bit of healthy hissing and spitting is needed from time to time.
  Sure some humans would devour others, but would the devoured have ask for it? Is this what happens when men go to war? Maybe. The bigger cats with longer claws seem to rule the day... at least for a moment or two.

 Have cats ever had a world war? This line of thought may explain the demise of the dinosaurs. Yes. The dinosaurs ruled the world hissing spitting and eating every thing they wanted. The small insignificant cats rose to the occasion and defeated the dinosaurs. It was an epic battle.

  So, do cats need umpires? 

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