Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hash House a Go Go ~ Orlando Florida

  With an four hour tour ahead of us on a Sunday at Full Sail University, we needed a full breakfast. I will admit that we were warned. Large portions were noted by other bloggers as the norm at Hash House A Go Go. However, the "twisted farm food" theme enticed me. 

  My keen eye noticed that the building was a refurbished Ryan's Family Steakhouse (I am good like that). They have done a mighty fine job, I might add. Anytime someone remodels a Ryan's and adds a full alcohol bar (to replace the food bars) they get extra brownie points. 

Farmers and such are the theme here , you know... "Americana". 

  There are images everywhere reminding  us, and all of the international visitors, what Americana is all about.

  Well, nice try. I do love what they have done to the building, but what I found out while dining here was what Americana used to be, and what it has become.

  There is a big difference between a old fashion country breakfast and a calorie and carbohydrate overload. I was looking for the nurse's station with the defibrillator, but unfortunately I did not find it . They really should have one. I am being dead serious - no pun intended.

  Check out my pancake. 

No, I do not have midget circus hands.

  The above is biscuits and gravy. I also was looking for the calorie chart for this food. I did not find that either.

  The pancake was loaded with blueberries and pecans which in and of themselves are healthy. It was served with butter (real I believe) and a disappointing syrup. Why destroy a pancake with a HFCS bombshell? I have a $5.00 bill on the bet that the pancake was made with a mix. 

  I did not taste, nor did I have a desire to taste the biscuits and hash/gravy/egg plate.

  So, on International Drive the internationals (and Americans) can see the morphing of Americans. On the walls they can see the pictures of our hard working ancestors. But what is truly disturbing is the Americans that are actually devouring whole plates of this fat fare. These are today's real Americans. 

There is no glory in gluttony. gf

  What a waste. It is such a nice building. If they would cut the portion sizes in half they would have a real nice place. I know that breakfast fare has a low food cost, but this was just ridiculous.

  Our server was off point and infrequent with his service. The food came out sporadically, but, hey, those things happen from time to time. Overall, for me, it is "Hash House a No No".
That is all I have to say about that.

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Anonymous said...

That's the whole theme of the restaurant, huge portions are part of the experience (meant to be fun). There are options to get "The Basic" or one of the "Famous Scrambles" (a twist on an omelete) that are not as big and more traditional than some of the other items. HH is one of those restaurants to go to to be care free and have fun, not to count calories. As far as the service goes, I'd chalk it up to growing pains. Maybe give it another chance in months to come and ask your server for one of the smaller options.

Gregory said...

Well thank you Anonymous for your tips on ordering the smaller portions.

However... Your comment only exclamates my point. Over-eating is a sport in America. "Hey, let's go to HHaGG for some good clean over eating American fun!

That is now on the blog to to list. Write about the new American Sport Over Eating.

Thanks for reading,