Friday, May 27, 2011

Manuel's Bread Cafe ~ North Augusta, S.C.

  North Augusta has some weirdness.

  First of all, they should just change the name of the town. Geographically, I prefer "Mostly-North Augusta", "South Edgefield", or "East Aiken". Georgia should get commission from South Carolina for using part of Augusta's name. Create a "name tax"; that is the ticket. North Augusta tried out several names in the past, but none of them stuck. Savannah Town was named by the English. Again, another name borrowed from Georgia. Campbell Town failed miserably, probably due John Hammond's murder, not to mention greed. The construction of Augusta Canal, and the expansion of the railroad over the Savannah River to Augusta Georgia, derailed the town of Hamburg. The current "Great Recession" is (as in the past) an excellent opportunity to rename the city of North Augusta. I humbly suggest "New Hamburg" or "Campburg".

  Secondly, North Augusta has a newly fabricated "fake town". Yes, a new town existing within a town, which uses a borrowed name. I do not make this stuff up people. Hammond's Ferry is a community that looks like an old town. On every corner, (there are only two or three corners currently) there are buildings for businesses, some which are two and three stories tall. This gives the intersections an "old town" look. It also gives the community the fortune of landing restaurants such as Manuel's Bread Cafe, which sits smack dab in the middle of the aforementioned  "fake town" of Hammond's Ferry.

Créme Brulée French Toast – 7.95
Served with fruit salad and maple syrup.
  As odd as this new community may look during the beginning of its existence (by being built-up in an open and empty plot of land), I believe it is going to be exceptionally likeable "fake town" when finished. The price-point alone will keep out any wandering Gypsies (who may be visiting North Augusta from Murphy Village) from settling here. I mean; I did not happen to spot any Gypsies during my visit to North Augusta. One must always be on the look out for Gypsies.

Omelet – 9.95
Build your own farm-raised 3-egg omelet.

 Worrying not about Irish Travelers, we settled down to enjoy a pleasant brunch at Manuel's Bread Cafe. The spring weather enticed us to utilize the outdoor tables. Sitting outside we started to analyze this "fake town". We were more hungry than analytical, so we got down to business and ordered brunch.
  Hoping to special-order a spinach dish, I discovered that the community has "Blue Clay Farm" that provides local produce for the restaurant. The server offered to ask the Chef if he would be so kind to pick some spinach out of the garden for my request. I am still trying to figure out if he was pulling my leg or not.

Goat Cheese Scramble – 8.95
Scrambled eggs with fresh local goat cheese and chives on a slice of delicious artisan bread with your choice of fruit salad or smoked bacon home fries.

The food was excellent. It is expensive compared to a regular breakfast, but brunch at Manuel's Bread Cafe is not what I would consider a "regular" breakfast. This is a Hobbit breakfast. Food  is served with heavy silverware, fancy plates, and excellent coffee served in large handmade mugs. Loaves of bread, stacked everywhere, decorate the place with their crunchy looking crusts. Honey and jams hang out in the window frames, which color the interior with an amber hue. The chalkboards above the counter were being wiped down and rewritten for the day's specials. One does not get to enjoy these nuances at a Waffle House.

Someone ordered cake. I am sure that is a violation of some significance. However, it was technically brunch, and we were treating ourselves...NO!! Cake at brunch will not be tolerated moving forward (but it is delicious cake)!

Go check out Manuel's Bread Cafe. You will not be disappointed, but watch out for the Gypsies.

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Katelyn said...

It was delicious! I would love to live there! And as far as the whole spinach thing goes, I am pretty sure he was being dead serious. I took my mom back there for Mother's Day and I saw the sou chefs heading off to the gardens.

Jenny H. said...

Cake? At breakfast? I'm pretty sure that is at least two vilolations right there. And who knows how many demerits...

Jenny H. said...

violations. Sheesh.

J Barry Christian, Jr said...

"East Aiken"? You need a new compass or GPS perhaps. It is southwest of Aiken. Also, you failed to say where they "borrowed" the name of Hammond's Ferry from. Don't leave us hanging. :-)

OhSo said...

I am very aware of how old this post is, but I had a question regarding Manuel's Bread Cafe. In the next few weeks I will be doing a photo shoot in the area of a couple and was wondering if you had (or have in the past) in problems with management about taking photos at an eating establishment. I am so worried someone is going to ask me to stop shooting, because this location is crucial to my shoot. Thank you, Sara.

Linda said...

No where near Aiken ,people forget that N.Augusta is a town between Aiken and Augusta. Hammonds Ferry was a Ferry that went across the Savannah River from N.Augusta to Augusta ,please correct me if I am wrong. Very nice place to eat. I live nearby ,but it is very easy to find. Turn by the Municipal Building and turn left under the Greenway bridge.

Gregory said...

You would be correct! I was just trying to embellish the many names that the town has had. Also, I had to bring out the weirdness of this fake town. Great eats! Good times!