Thursday, February 21, 2013

Everything All The Time
Do you want to know what has been firing up gf's brain lately? 

That is correct. Everything all the time. Why is it that a majority of American restaurants must try to do everything all the time? It absolutely makes me crazy.

According to gf, "everything all the time" means, most likely, that "everything is done half-assed all the time".

I dined tonight at an American casual dining establishment tonight, which will remain unnamed for now. They have a very clever name, which gave stimulation to a specific spot in my brain. However, after perusing the menu, those stimulated brain cells became disappointed and confused. Yes, they were trying to do everything all the time. For the love of everything clean and pure, do one thing and do it well.

Let me review this unnamed menu:
Appetizers ~ they all have been done, nothing special, boring bowling alley bar food. Wait, scratch that. Some bowling alley food actually rocks. Nintendo Wii Bowling Ball (Google Affiliate Ad)
Salads ~ There were eight specialty salads. Asian, American, Mexican, Italian... It was like I was dining at the International House of Salads.
Burgers ~ This section of the menu was the only clear and focused part of the whole menu. Bravo! You got burgers right. Yippee.
Entrees ~ steaks (3) lmao, pasta, seafood, Southern, Irish, Cajun, Mexican, Ribs, and of course make a "combo from hell" section.

Everything all the time. Average is the highest mark that can be accomplished in this school of thought. This is why I hold BBQ joints in such high esteem. They know what the hell they are.

Ever heard of a great BBQ joint doing pasta?
Ever heard of a great pizza joint serving great steaks?
I could go on, but I know that you see the gf logic here.


  I wonder how many great restaurants have been ruined by this phenomenon. Losing focus, on what one wants to do great, is when one starts wondering how to keep up with the competition. If one is not focused, morphing into an "everything all the time" loser is possible.

Oh well, one more clever name wasted. That is a shame, as I do like a clever name.

  There is no need in me needling the restaurant, the management, the service staff, or even the food. It was as I expected. Fifteen seconds with this menu told me all that I needed to know. The staff was trying hard to make it happen, but it was a struggle. The place was on a wait due to slow food and service. The bartender was in the weeds and was dealing with some unhappy guests. The hosts had that "deer in the headlights" look on their faces. Clutter was the word of the day. I really felt bad for the place.

  Let this be a warning world. Be who you are. Know your roots. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Do the one thing that you are passionate about and do it well.

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