Friday, February 8, 2013

"You are what you eat." ~ Poison in America

  I live in America. It is allegedly the "land of the free, and the home of the brave". However, I think America is "the land of the taxed, and the home of the poisoned". America has borders on seas that should be "shining". There should also be "amber waves of grain".

The seas only shine in the Gulf of Mexico (thanks to BP), and the amber waves of grain only appear in cereal and whole-grain bread commercials. gf

  I have already discovered that the majority of the prepared food in the grocery stores is contaminated with fake sweetener (High Fructose Corn Syrup). Why? Because it is cheaply made from corn which "big business" has figured out how to grow fast, strong, and pest free. "Big Business" accomplishes this by changing the genetic code of the corn to withstand their brand of pesticides that kill any intruding weeds that may interfere with profit. They make the modified corn seed and the pesticides then restrict/buy out all the other seeds from farmers who would interfere with their profit margin. OK, just Google Monsanto.

  Click here to learn more about the crap corn that they produce, and what they put it into. (hint: everything)

  I have also already discovered that the majority of the prepared food in the grocery stores is contaminated with fake butter (hydrogenated oil). If bugs won't eat, it neither will I. It is pure poison that sits on your waste line until your body has the energy to purge it out of your system.

  Eliminating these from my diet let me shed over fifty unwanted pounds without any spent energy (other than that from my eyes moving to read the ingredients on a label). gf

  So I figured that I was free from poison with the proof of lost weight to show the world... Negative Ghost Rider. I just had to pick up the book Wheat Belly by William Davis. After reading this book I realized that America has to be the most poisoned country in the world. Do yourself a favor and buy the book. Read the blog here. I do not think I will ever be overweight again with the information that I have learned over the past two and a half years. Some of you out there may be thinking "How does one eat wheat free?". It really is not as hard as it seems. There are a few things that one must know:
  • Fast food sucks.
  • Non-fast food usually sucks.
  • Food one may have thought to be "horrible" for you may not be all that bad for you at the end of the day.
  • Modern wheat is one of the top four poisons one can put into one's body according to gf.
  • Do not be afraid of asking questions about the food being prepared when eating out.
  • To be poison free sometimes requires one to be "That Guy/Girl".

  Now all I have to worry about is the quality of animals that I eat (if they are full of hormones and antibiotics), if pesticide poisons are on the plants that I eat, and if the plants and animals that I eat are genetically modified or not. That is all.
  Well, other than how I need to protect myself from the government. Buy more ammo. Buy more guns. They are coming. Wake up gf Nation!

To recap:
  • Americans let themselves become addicted to sugar.
  • Americans get fat.
  • Americans realize they need to shed some weight and start digesting fat-free "food".
  • Americans get fatter.
  • Americans realize that sugar adds empty calories and start digesting sugar substitute poisons.
  • Americans get even fatter and start growing extra parts that can kill them.
  • Americans vote in idiots and allow the idiots to modify corn and then subsidize this corn poison.
  • Americans start becoming sick and obese.
  • Americans vote in more idiots and allow new idiots to create a cheap sugar substitute from the aforementioned corn poison.
  • Americans can now ingest more fake sweetener in the form of Big Gulps.
  • Americans are now addicted to the taste of sugar and develop more foods to use it and the fake sugar.
  • Americans vote in even more idiots who decide that modifying wheat is a good thing.
  • Americans allow the government to lie to them, and do not force the government to label all the fake foods that they have created.
  • Americans elect a supreme leader who figures out that Americans are fat and lazy and can be easily lied to and manipulated.
  • Americans reelect the supreme idiot/liar, who is now slyly and slowly disarming the nation (so that they cannot fight back).

Have you had enough yet? Are you going to pay attention? If not you will perish. One way or another you will be killed off.

Maybe the world needs a good purge of idiots.

86 Sugar
86 Hydrogenated Oils
86 High Fructose Corn Syrup
86 GMO Wheat and GMO Corn
86 Dictators

That is my new 86 list.

Enjoy your dinner,


Grant said...

Harsh!!! But definitely some valid points here. We need a leader for this revolution though. But who?

Gregory said...

There is only one solution for Gotham City. Batman. gf