Sunday, May 15, 2016

Which Bathroom is Which?

Henry Henrietta has to pee.
It really sounds quite simple to me.

He is at the store,
so he looks on the door,
to see which bathroom is which.

It used to be so much less confusing.
She just went to the bathroom without much musing.

People had argued about how many bathrooms there should be, for someone like Henry Henrietta, who really had to pee.

There once were two bathrooms, one for her, and one for him.
Now there is a third, which is for "them". Henry looks at the signs.... Which bathroom is which?

The three bathrooms have different signs on the door. Staring at them he wonders, "shouldn't there be four?"

His legs are crossed now, and there is sweat forming on his brow. He has to pee; he has to pee now!

You see, when someone decides to switch, they have to figure out which bathroom is which!

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