Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mind Your Manners!

  "Mind your manners son!" ~ I always expected a slap to the back of my head when I heard that phrase as a child.

  Most Americans do not share that same anxiety anymore. People are down right rude these days. Hell, they don't even know that they are rude. I believe that the majority of Americans are numbed to rude behavior. Genteel behavior alludes the masses. I can remember when men used to tip their hats to the ladies. Today the opening of a door for a date is nothing but a bygone memory. While at boarding school, we were imbued with many of these niceties, such as standing up when a lady came to be seated or left the table, and holding the chair for a lady if she was being seated next to you. Watching people interact at dinner in public is truly sad these days. I imagine that my old Professors and Faculty members think that the world has truly gone to crap.

So then, let me ask my readers some questions on rudeness.

Is walking in the middle of the road with your Homies (at a snails pace) when cars are coming rude?

Is walking around with half of one's ass showing, and the crotch of one's pants shuffling between the knees rude?

Is taking more than ten items into the "less than ten items" lane at the supermarket rude?

Is prating on endlessly with your date during a Willie Nelson Concert rude? (The dude is 79 years old; shut up already!)

Is smoking outside next to other diners without asking rude? (Is the outdoors the only (non)-non-smoking area anymore?)

Is talking annoyingly loud (in an obnoxious tone) on a cell phone in public rude? (Yes, we do see you.)

Is causing havoc by driving the wrong way in a parking lot while gnawing on a fried chicken leg rude? (I saw this.)

Is monkeying with one's phone, when with a group or on a date, rude?

Is cutting in line (any line) rude?

Is chewing food with one's mouth open rude?

Is smacking gum rude? (Especially if you are my waiter.)America's Original Dubble Bubble Gum, 300 Pieces (Google Affiliate Ad)

Is taking up two parking spaces rude?

Is wearing pajamas to Walmart Publix rude? (I am not sure that wearing pajamas in Walmart is rude anymore.)

Is throwing out all of the trash in one's car into a parking lot rude?

Is mumbling or whispering so low that one is undecipherable rude?

While discussing this topic with my team we had a epiphany. Rude people are usually stupid people. The discussion of stupid people turned into a discussion about ignorant people. The discussion of ignorant people turned into a discussion of education. The obligatory "You can't teach stupid" comment hit the table with a thud. The discussion of being unable to educate an imbecile turned into a discussion of idiots in general, which landed us dead in the center of gf territory.
Idiot T Shirt by gf

A generation of idiots who do not know how to speak has been raised in this country. Correct verb usage by this group of idiots is a pipe dream. They especially destroy the verb to be. "Is ya'll goin' to de sto?" is definitely not English. I would say that this speak is a lot like "Spanglish", but instead of mixing Spanish and English, it is a mixture of half English and half Ghetto. Shall we call it Ganglish? "Yes Sir" and "Yes Ma'am" are not included in this Ganglish language. They do not understand, nor do they execute proper sentence structure. They cannot read. They absolutely cannot read out loud. They are not familiar with reasoning, which, of course, derails any type of calculating, debating, empathy, moral thought, prioritizing, etc.. Therefore, they are perceived as rude and thoughtless beings. They are thoughtless, except of course for those shallow and vain thoughts that they may occasionally have about themselves.

But Hey, on the positive side, they can play the crap out of a video game. 

Rude, by the way, is far different from being a smart ass, clever, sarcastic, or downright mean. Rudeness has its roots in selfishness. I am trying to remember when America was not selfish and rude. But then again, maybe it has always been selfish and rude. The Deep South has had an image of being genteel and polite. Seriously, The South has always been hypocritical. One can slather oneself with "yes ma'ams", "sugars", and "honey childs", but still be rude. But alas, The South is even losing that genteel touch of hypocrisy.

I believe that this ignorance started when the Country decided that all children should pass in school with flying colors, despite whether they deserved to pass or not. The "No child left behind" project is a complete train wreck.

When I was a kid in school we knew very clearly who the idiots were. I am not speaking of the mentally challenged or special needs kids here. I am speaking of the lazy idiots who did not care. They were failed with a quickness. I went to seventh grade with an eighteen year old named Stewart. He drove his car to work. He never could pass the seventh grade. He was clever, but he did not care about school. He knew he wanted to paint houses for a living. I am glad that the school did not pass him. I am glad that the school did not demoralize those who were studying hard for a good grade and lower the bar. He did not study so he failed. Maybe if we held students accountable they would eventually get a clue. By the way, I heard that Stewart was an excellent painter.

 Until then we will have to deal with these lazy ignoramuses who walk around like Zombies, and who think that they are entitled, and who are rude to everyone that they come in contact with.

If you are an idiot please refrain from being a rude idiot. It is annoying.

Thanks for reading,

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