Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ten Things That Confuse Cats

Champ with his parasite Luna
  I decided that it would be a good idea to take my cat "Champ" for a short ride to the store after he gave me a longing look. I packed him in his ultra new cat carrier. As we started off down the road I thought it would be a good idea to let him out of his carrier to explore about, and look out the windows. Champ was neither happy nor impressed with my thought process on this whole adventure. He started the normal cat "what in the hell have you done to me" howl as he hopped around looking out the windows. He was seriously confused. After his failed attempt to jump out the front windshield I realized this very fact. That of course got my odd and smallish mind wondering what else confuses cats. Here is what I have so far:

Packing for a vacation. Cats run from room to room wondering who got kicked out.

Flash lights, or better yet, laser pointers. This really needs no further explanation. You Tube that if you are bored.

Moving anything confuses a cat, such as furniture, litter boxes, and food bowls.

Snow. We just recently found this one out.

Covers. You can put anything under a cover and the cat is toast. It will either go spastic looking for the item, or ignore it all together.

Shut doors. They really may not even need to go into the other room. The doors being closed drives them insane because they cannot figure out why the door is shut.

Coffee grinders. Good clean fun.

Water. These animals lick themselves to get clean; water has been an issue for eons.

Can openers. The reverse effect of a coffee grinder.


  After I pulled over and put Champ back into the cat carrier, our adventure to the store became much more pleasant. Maybe I should have borrowed the neighbors spoiled chihuahua to sit in my lap and enjoy a quick ride to the store.

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Asha said...

Vacuums used to scare the hell out of my cat. Also, he had a hard time finding his way out of the sofa he managed to crawl inside of.
#1 thing...tape on the paws! PRICELESS!!

Gregory said...

Ohhh! I so forgot about tape on the paws!

ladaisi said...

Such a funny post!

It is easy to assume that they are staring at you in disdain when they are actually staring at you in dismay.


Anonymous said...

This one is funny if u have 2 cats. My cats r halen and jack. Istart petting halen and saying his name and started petting jack and saying his name. But then i swithed their names. I stated petting jack and calling him halen and then petting halen and calling him jack.

Gregory said...

Anonymous I am not sure that is playing fair with your cats! They are idiots to begin with after all! Thanks for the comment.