Tuesday, December 21, 2010

gf's Top Ten Christmas Shopping Faux Pas

10. Mall managers not calculating human body heat into the Mall thermostat equation.

9. Inability to park straight. If you cannot park the SUV leave, it at home.

8. Salespeople grunting and pointing when asked for an item's location.

7. Glaring at me when when I refuse to sample your nasty Mongolian chicken at the food court.

6. Blocking an entire area with five kids, carts, and strollers so that others cannot shop.

5. Racing to beat someone to a cash register or a parking space like you are in NASCAR.

4. Letting your kid scream bloody murder while you shop in oblivion.

3. Cutting in line.

2. Using a Sears shopping cart to tote your kids and crap around the mall while you shop.

1. Only six of the twenty four registers are open when there is six million people in Wal Mart.


Katelyn said...

This make me laugh, but I would edit #8. Only because this might pertain to me. If I grunt and point, which I try not to grunt but I must say I do point, it is because I have been working 10 days straight and I'm tired. Not only that I will have had at least 100 people wanted me to shop for then, 15 get mad from my "lack of customer service", 5 complain about how messy things are, 40 tell me that I'm cheating when I use a folding table to fold all the clothes they just unfolded, 100 ask me where the bathroom is located, 50 ask me where the socks are, and 12 fellow associates that are doing jack squat while I work my butt off.
lol, so you can see. Maybe she just wasn't having a good day.

Gregory said...

Kateyln you deserve a good day off. I just do not see you grunting AND pointing. BTW I am an avid unfolder.

Alex said...

Witnessed #1 last night.

Gregory said...

Alex I am so sorry for you. Take two aspirin, eat an apple, shoot some tequila, and call me in the morning!