Thursday, October 7, 2010


I finally made plans to attend a High School reunion. I am not sure why, but I recon than it was mostly due to harassment by other classmates. I look forward to it in some twisted and odd way. There will be plenty of odd moments, pauses in conversation, and amazement at what thirty years will do to a body. I hope that there will also be some old friendships made anew again.

What I dread will be "story time". I will flee from this activity unless I am the one telling the stories. I do like to tell a story. Embellishing the original story just enough not to call it an out right lie is the trick. Decorating the story with colorful side stories and clever comment is what I enjoy the most. This also distracts others from telling stories about you. Trapped in the "oh, I cannot believe do don't remember that" conversation is the ultimate deceit. It never happened, but you are so old, and or you were so messed up at the time, that there is no way to combat this tactic.

My plan is to play Snoopy's Joe Cool. You just can't mess with Joe Cool. One must be cool to play Joe Cool though. Nerds need not apply. Joe has it going on. He is confident, handsome, and well, just damn cool. I imagine that this reunion will mark us as mostly uncool; so we must fight back.

Here are the Cool Rules:

1. No high water pants or out dated clothing. This will make us uncool right out of the gate if we mess this rule up.

2. Use of catch phases older that five years are strictly prohibited. "Dude", "Far Out", "Radical", may put one in jeopardy.

3. Dancing. Stop it. Sit down and eat your doughnut.

4. Laughing too loud, or with some weird squeal or snorting action, is not allowed.

5. Too much hugging or kissing is prohibited. You are not my grandmother; stop it.

6. Living in the past is prohibited. Put the yearbook away. We made it through adolescence; there is no need to drag us back through it again.

7. Drinking too much. This is another activity that should have been exclusive to the time frame of youth. "I was young and stupid" is a good excuse; "Look at the old drunk" is not.

Seven a good Biblical number. That should do it for now. Wish us luck. We will need it.



Connie B said...

So sad I'm going to miss it...if I had known you were attending I would have tried harder.

Katelyn said...

Good luck on your reunion! I have another 4 years until mine!

Gregory B. said...

Connie wish you could have been there! It was funny how we all "picked right up" when we saw each other. Thanks for the read!

Gregory B. said...

Don't wait too long K8ers! You will forget who they all are!