Friday, October 29, 2010


Why is it that every month we have to have a holiday? Is Halloween a  holiday? For certain unnamed entities it is; I am sure of it. Halloween used to be simple. My mother put me in a dress with beads, applied generous  amounts of rouge and lipstick, told me I was a gypsy, and gave me a pillow case to collect candy. Humiliated I went forth, following the lead of the older children. I soon shed the humiliation and replaced it with glee and mischief when I figured out this was a free sugar bar. Any and every flavor of chocolate and candy was at my disposal by singing a short chime.

Today it seems to be different. Church folk have embraced the "holiday" as if in some mad competition to pass out more sugar than the Devil. It is not so safe to wander around in neighborhoods singing for candy. I am not confident that some churches are safe for kids, but at least we know where they are. "Trick in Trunk" is the latest gig at churches. See a kid you want.... toss 'em in the trunk. I know, the candy is in the trunk and that is how they pass it out. This has all the makings of a new "B" horror movie.

The costumes have been changing for years, lots of good ones are about. I think this country is obsessed with horror though. I say enough of the horror. I am tired of horror. I think that horror turns into gross, then into pathetic, then into boring. Funny is the ticket. This is the way to go. You have to use more of your imagination to create scary funny. That, or cute is the answer. Kids under six are what makes this "holiday" fun. Thirty year old vampires or Star Wars characters is not what the originators of this "holiday" were thinking about when they wrote the Halloween Constitution.

Animals do not appreciate you dressing them up. They have feelings too. But then again, it is too funny to see a rat dog dressed up like Superman so that makes it OK.

Thanks to Cindy for sharing these pics.


Ashley said...

A) I would really love to see pictures of you from Halloween when you were a kid- find them. B) I think you should dress Ludo up like a spider in that picture. He would be an especially scary spider. C) I love your tags. "abused dogs" lol. Watch out for PETA though.

Gregory B. said...

1. There is no way in heaven or hell that I would post a Halloween picture of myself.
B. Ludo is scary enough without six more legs. Good idea though.
3. Thanks for the read. I will look out for the Humane Society.

Katelyn said...

I think its funny that it went from All Hollows Eve where spirits could return to the earth for one night and such. To a holiday for the Candy and Costume companies to make some money.

Ashley said...

Pleeeeease! :)

Gregory said...