Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dropped Ice Cream Cones

  What in the hell is wrong with America?

  Wait, let me answer my own question. 
Many Americans are idiots, or sloths, and many have become those who do not wish to be held accountable for their own actions. It would appear that there is a growing number who think they are entitled. How in the world could anyone, from a nation of immigrants, ever possibly feel entitled is beyond gf. 

  If I was fortunate enough as a child to acquire an ice cream cone from the local ice cream truck vendor (and I was, as I wore "husky" size clothes for many years), I knew it was very important to shove the treat in my mouth with a quickness, so as not to drop it on the ground. If I were to drop my treat on the ground I knew it was "game over" - No discussion, no re-do, no more ice cream. Done. (My wife still wonders why, on occasion, I eat things that I have errantly dropped on the floor.) Hey, three second rule... and she is an excellent house keeper. There are no nocuous germs on her kitchen floor.

  This idea of "no new ice cream cones if you drop it" mentality has been infected by video games. Yep, children playing video games are responsible for this change in thinking, however, not totally, as the game creators have a responsibility to bear. Someone desperately needs to hold these chaos creators accountable. I know that the game creators have given back to society as well. Most children now know how to kill Zombies and fly hovercraft.

When one plays Chess, Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, Risk, or Monopoly there are no do-overs. One may luck up on a  "get out of jail card", a lucky roll of the dice, or a player who is not paying attention, but that is about it. In video games there is very little accountability, as one can save the game along the way, and therefore, one does not have to completely start over. Yep, the good old do-over.

  The do-over has become an American epidemic. We now do-over everything and anything. Thinking is not an action that is needed... because one can just do-over.  Not happy with your spouse? Do-over. Failed 8th Grade again? Do-over. Wait, no, scratch that... "No one left behind"... what was I thinking? 

  Do-over disease may be why many folks have issues with umpires. Umpires are in charge of do-overs. Hey, some folks do not like God. They don't think he is going to hand out many do-overs on the judgement day. 

 I think a do-over is needed from time to time depending on the circumstance. However, some things just do not need to be done over. Ever. Like Disco. However, this idea that a kid can demand a new ice cream just because they are a klutz is idiotic. Why should the ice cream vendor have to incur this extra cost of goods?

  This poison goes even deeper though. The "I don't like this flavor of ice cream so I am entitled to get another flavor for free" crap is like a plague in our society. Some freaking four year olds are telling their servers "I don't like these chicken tenders, so I want something else". Seriously? Eat your damn chicken tenders already. Your delicate palate knows Kool-Aid and hot dogs. Shut it. Zip it.

  What happens when little Johnny grows
up? Anarchy. Everyone turns into a Gordon Ramsay of Casual Dining. Just great. I can't wait. Just for fun let's pause for a moment and imagine some of those comments.


Well, the best one I thought of was:
  "This (microwaved) crab leg dinner just does not taste as fresh as it normally does".

  It is annoying to make a do-over when a child has dropped their food, but what the hell, make them a new one.
 The kid will cry and the mother or father will be completely unsuccessful at consoling the child. The parents will then start to boil into a frenzy if the establishment does nothing. 

  The restaurant has to create a welfare fund for such occurrences. Yes, a secret welfare fund. It is also called a "price increase". 

  So what is the point of this ramble? 

•Take care of children or they will become suicide bombers.

•Do-overs are not so bad. Maybe you will need one soon. I know I do occasionally.

•Bitching raises prices in the end.

•Not being able to say "No" is what ruins civilization.

  So then, "What in the hell is wrong with America?" We just have lost the ability to say "no". This is why our great country is in the shit. Yea, I said it... In the shit. Our great leaders just cannot say no to the whining public because they are scared of not being popular (re-elected to their cushy spot). The leader's uniforms are spotless and pressed. They have not been in the game. Their inability to say no is how we have racked up trillions of dollars in debt and devalued the Dollar. Not being able to say no has pushed the entire world economy into the shit. Hey, everyone wants to be successful like the Americans. Yeah right... whatever.

  Give everyone a new ice cone. Never say no. This is how one ruins a country.

 See you at the soup kitchen.

Thanks for reading,

Max Headroom for president.

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