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The Road to Jekyll Island

  Most people use the Interstate Highway System to reach their destination of choice. Sure, it is quick, and there are plenty of cookie-cutter gas stations along the way.  Gas Stations where one can get a Big Gulp with High Fructose Syrup to overload their liver until the next pee break. However, there is a better way to go. The old forgotten highways (or Parkways) of the not-so-recent-past are the best way to get to your destination according to gf.

  Driving from Atlanta to Jekyll Island gf chooses the "Golden Isles Parkway" (or Highway). There is some confusion about the name as there are two different signs posted along the way. Some signs state that the road is a Highway and others state that it is a Parkway. The shop owners on this route even get confused. There are businesses named after each version. I do not think anyone truly knows if it is a Parkway or a Highway. Parkways are scenic roads where one may park to admire the beauty of the surroundings, while highways are just elevated roads. Let us ask Webster.

: a public way; especially : a main direct road 
: a broad landscaped thoroughfare 

I took some pictures along the way. You be the judge of whether this is a Highway or a Parkway.

A few miles past the Swine and Dine BBQ restaurant, I spotted what I call the "Cornbread Castle".

Cornbread Castle

 Several miles north west of McRae is an American Artist of sorts. I did no background work. I have no idea who is responsible for this cornbread art, but I did find it fascinating.

  The monster Weather Vane atop an odd shaped WW2 style hanger caught my attention initially. Only after stopping and taking some photos of it did I notice the other delicate art sculptures.

The Fisherman and Jonah's Giant Fish Weather Vane
Satellite Dish Shade

 The Random Zombie Camel stared into my eyes and made me dizzy.

Random Zombie Camel
Tungsten Sunflower
   Viewing this roadside art made me think that the road to Jekyll actually may be a Parkway instead of a mere Highway. There is not much else to look at on this alleged Parkway save some mobile homes, deserted factories, Pine trees, lumber mills, vacant produce stands, and a dozen or more "towns". If one drives this thoroughfare on a Friday night during football season, one may witness a Middle School football game. The local football stadiums are packed to the gills on a football Friday night in small-town America.

After smelling the sweet fragrance of the Tungsten Sunflowers, I plodded ahead toward the metropolis of McRae. Sometimes one can appreciate things better from afar. A bikini swimsuit is like that. Appreciating a hot pink bikini at the beach from afar is much more rewarding that getting the close-up (well, 87.4% of the time).

  One needs to view the Mini Statue of Liberty in McRae with a passing glance to appreciate it to the fullest. Do not stop and take pictures as I did.

Patriotic McRae (from afar)
What the... ??
Zombie Nation
Liberty Bell (crack and all!)
Proud to be an American
   I was emotionally charged from the visit to the Mini Statue of Liberty. Emotions such as fear, anxiety, confusion, anger, and sympathy ran through my mind. Who has done this, and why? Now I understand why the French gave us the Statue of Liberty. We suck at making statues.

   Jasper gave up its Crown Jewel this year. Check out this taxidermists dream ride. It was quite the traffic stopper.

Pimp My Ride
A 'coon skin cap on Crack

Are those Antelope horns?

Proud to live in the South

Is that Woody from Toy Story?

Nice Rattle Snakes

How much wood could a Wood Chuck Chug?

Ducks on a truck...

  I have no more words for this truck.

  "Scenic Parkway" can mean different things to different people. Obviously, in the great state of Georgia the definition of scenic is subjective.

  Hoping for some more traditional Parkway scenic views, I pressed forward to Jekyll Island.

Latham River

Looking toward Jekyll Island

Banana Spider

Jekyll Creek
Jekyll Marina
Fisherman on the old bridge over Jekyll Creek
  I conclude that there is parkway like aspects of this Golden Isles Road. However, the majority of the pavement must be called a highway. Either way, it is still a better drive than the Interstate. Drive the road less traveled and find something intriguing.

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