favorite gf quotes

The difference between a leader and a mere manager is communication." Winston Churchill

"A good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite point in the future."
- General George Patton Jr

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking."
- General George Patton Jr

"Dead fish swim with the current."

"You can have a good day or a bad day; it is your decision." gf

"There ain't no rules around here, we're trying to accomplish something."Thomas A. Edison

"Results! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results. I know several thousand things that won't work." Thomas A. Edison

"People go out to eat to eat." gf

"Toast is not toast if it is not toasted; it is only bread." gf

"Always start at the beginning." gf

"Jack Daniels does not need power." wd

"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Benjamin Franklin

"Are you waiting on the guests, or are they waiting on you? gf

"Don't tell me what you are going to do, tell me what you have done" gf

"It was just bad after Bad." wd

"If country cooking can be gourmet, Dillard Georgia is it's Paris." gf

"You're an idiot." Allen Newton

"Chicken is for people who don't know what they want." - Anthony Bourdain

@: When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

"I swear wal-mart is doing an underground social experiment on how much stimulation a human can handle until bursting into flames!" Ashley F.

gf Restaurant Rules
   1. "Everyone must behave."
   2. "If I am working hard, you need to be working hard."
   3. "Don't tell me what you are going to do; tell me what you have done."

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse eats the cheese." Jeremy Paxman

"You are not a tree"  Lauren Holgate

"Don't Tread On Me"