I made this page to let my readers know just a little more about gf.

The NSA and Google know pretty much everything about me. Therefore, if you really want information just ask them.

The letters gf are my initials. My name is relatively long so in emails I sign off as gf. Now many just call me gf. This is better than gb which I was almost called as a child. There is a story about that, but I must keep some things secret and safe.

One of my feet is larger than the other.

My ears are not exactly the same.

The banjo plays me.

Golf also has played me.

I love to discover new words.

I love to discover new barbecue huts.

I work in a restaurant.

I went to boarding school (very similar to Hogwarts).

I was an excellent sledder in high school.

I went to Seminary.

I am a father and a grandfather.

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